Scheduling Writing and Editing Time

Building in procrastination time: Today I’m in-between some stages with different manuscripts so doing some tasks that have been waiting and that I find challenging, nearly painful. So I have turned to my computer, away from my computer, back to my computer, to the bulletin board that needs to be rearranged, to my address book to call my dentist to re-schedule an appointment, back to my computer, and to my little toe that is really very sore.

Finally, it occurred to me exactly how familiar this is. But often I’m on the other side.

When I work with authors who need to do something that they don’t like doing (e.g., respond to an edit, do some more research, double-check some sources), they often need extra time to get started, to procrastinate, to putz about, and to finally settle into it and get it done. They might even take the time to write some navel-gazing little bit of this before doing the hard stuff. They might need some procrastination/putzing time built into the schedule I give them for the task – but not too much, because that will allow them to put off the task too long. So, authors, yes,  I am sympathetic and do understand what you’re going through. And yes, fellow editors, try adding in some putz-about time if you’re in charge of the schedule.

Thank you, my toe is better now.

© Laura Edlund 2010