Advice for Writers: Editors of Earth

“What advice would you give writers?” asked one members of the Facebook group Editors’ Association of Earth (EAE). Off the top of my head, here were my responses.

  1. Read widely, deeply, and critically other writers.
  2. Know what works and what doesn’t in your  type of writing.
  3. Examine the questions and be able to explain to me:
    What am I writing about?
    To whom?
  4. Use your own words and credit anything that is not yours.
  5. Enjoy and work at the craft of writing. Developing that craft is a lifetime endeavour and reward.
  6. And finally, your editor is just that—not your parent, counsellor, midwife, or handmaid.

This advice applies whether you are writing your 1st short story or 9th novel, a manual, an article, blog, web site, or declaration. For more about your writing and what I can do for you as a writer, please contact me and explore this web site further.

© Laura Edlund 2010