About Laura Edlund

I am a freelance writer and editor who specializes in education, plain language, and stories.

I work for a variety of clients—institutes, governments and NGOs, publishers, corporations, and individuals.

I provide developmental edits, structural and stylistic edits, manuscript evaluations, writing, consultations, and other services to meet client needs. I love good stories, respect writers and subject matter experts, have decades of experience in education (online and print publications), dive into complex and visually rich publications, and have a special interest as an ally in reconciliation in Canada, Indigenous Peoples, and social justice.

To each project, I bring the experience of working on staff, freelance, and in business. As well, I am committed to continual professional development, including committee work, conferences, and seminars.

Clients (present and past) and employers (past) include the Art Canada Institute, Decoding Dyslexia Ontario (DDON), Kativik Ilisarniliriniq (the school board of Nunavik, Inuit territory in northern Quebec), Pearson Canada, the Insurance Institute of Canada, Scholastic Canada, Inhabit Education, GoodMinds, Page Two Strategies, JUMP Math, Oxford University Press, Annick Press, Nelson, Formac Publishing, government departments, non-profits, corporations, and individual authors.

Recent projects include:

For your communication needs, contact me. For writing and editing resources and advice, what editing costs and why, and more, please see my blog.

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