I am thrilled to work with outstanding authors, editors, subject experts, publishers, and other businesses. What a great collection of people and organizations! Here are some words from them:

“Thank you so much for your comprehensive comments and feedback.  (You have such a lovely balance throwing in the positive—very much appreciated!)…. Thanks so much for all your insight…. I would love to work with you more.”
Jean E. Pendziwol, novelist and author of The Lightkeeper’s Daughters, published summer 2017

“Thank you for the speedy response… for the encouraging words and great suggestions. These are great comments and EXACTLY what I needed—someone’s fresh perspective to zero in on the things I missed or did not consider. Thanks for all your editorial help. It really does help me improve.”
George Elliott, novelist

Laura is one of the finest textbook editors with whom I’ve collaborated over the years. I remember especially her work for me while I was the Editorial Director of the Education Division at OUP Canada. Intelligent, meticulous, and well informed, she is also always a pleasure to work with. She has my highest recommendation.
Tony Luengo, editor and author, former editorial director, Oxford University Press Canada

Laura Edlund is definitely the best editor I had. She is extremely thorough in her work; nothing that is incorrect or unclear escapes her eagle eye. The edited text is always better than the original—clearer, easier to read and to understand, but still saying what the author intended to say.
Anna Klebanov, senior curriculum writer, JUMP Math

“Thank you for skillfully navigating Economics for Today through such a challenging phase of development. It was a pleasure working with you, Laura.”
—Andrea Magyar, former publisher at McGraw-Hill Ryerson, now vice president, business development, Penguin Canada

“Laura Edlund is a talented substantive editor with deep understanding of the educational market. She worked closely with one of our authors as he was writing his manuscript, helping him to clarify the audience, plan the structure, and generally stay organized and focused during the writing process. When the manuscript was complete, she did a thorough and thoughtful edit, helping him produce an engaging, organized, unique book. I recommend her work highly.”
Trena White, principal, Page Two (www.pagetwostrategies.com)

“In 2016, I worked with Laura on an educational title (Videotelling: YouTube-inspired stories for the classroom). By asking the right questions and drawing attention to detail, Laura was enormously effective in helping me to define my target audience and shape the product accordingly.”
Jamie Keddie, teacher-trainer and self-publishing author

Laura’s work is extremely thorough and nothing in my documents—words, numbers, or graphs—goes unscrutinized. I feel confident that Laura will catch any problematic areas in my writing. Laura’s comments are extremely thorough and logical. They really help me clarify the text.
Sohrab Rahbar, curriculum writer, JUMP Math

I have been working with Laura for two years. Her ability to smoothly switch gears to tackle material for audiences ranging from ages 6 to 14 has never failed to impress me. Laura is always very aware of her audience, and works closely with writers to achieve a voice that is clear and age-appropriate, even when the subject matter is complicated mathematics. And despite having to work with up to four mathematicians on any given project, Laura always achieves a consistent voice, even with writers who are new to publishing. Laura ensures that the final product is virtually seamless by carefully explaining her suggestions to the writers and… achieves a level of clarity for the reader with no background in the subject.

She anticipates the challenges inherent in each project, and ensures that she has everything she needs upfront in order to avoid delays later on in the process. Laura is always aware of any schedule challenges and is careful to stay on top of them, sending frequent updates and often offering suggestions on how to surmount them.
Megan Burns, managing editor, JUMP Math

Laura did an excellent job with the editing and re-organizing.
George Belliveau, professor at University of British Columbia, author Stepping into Drama: A Midsummer Night’s Dream in the Elementary Classroom, published by Pacific Educational Press

 I have worked with Laura several times over nearly a decade. I have hired her to write or edit fiction and non-ficton for children, worksheets, lesson plans, and teaching guides. I love working with Laura because she is so thorough and thoughtful. I know that she will always give me what I ask for and the manuscript what it needs. She is particularly good at pointing out and questioning inconsistencies and possible bias.Dimitra Chronopoulos, formerly editor at Scholastic Canada

Laura was the developmental editor on publishing projects for which I was coordinator. She immediately grasps the challenges involved in each project and is especially impressive in her approach to sensitive and controversial subject matter. She can expertly guide and shape the work of inexperienced authors, supplementing their work with her own research and writing where necessary. Laura unfailingly demonstrates professionalism, tact, and composure in her dealings with all team members. This is especially valuable during editorial meetings in which several perspectives and approaches need to be harmonized. Laura also works fast, doing whatever is necessary to complete projects on deadline.
—Judith Scott, editor at Pearson Canada

Laura is a long-time colleague of mine and the first editor I thought to hire when I needed someone to overhaul two complex chapters in a high school social science textbook. As I expected, she did a superb job under challenging circumstances. Laura is a pleasure to work with, and her years of experience, her skill as an editor, and her reliability are an asset to any project.
Elizabeth Salomons, editor, production manager, Pacific Educational PressUniversity of British Columbia

I had the pleasure of working on two challenging secondary and elementary educational resources with Laura: World Religions and Investigating Past Societies. Both projects demonstrated the wide range of Laura’s writing and editing abilities: conceptualizing and developing resources from draft to final manuscript; analyzing manuscript for alignment with instructional design; writing to templates and curricula; and adapting content to engage diverse audiences. Laura wrote features on learning strategies for students based on her extensive knowledge of current educational theories. No challenge was too daunting for Laura: she researched an extremely sensitive topic and entirely rewrote the original manuscript on tight timelines, accomplishing the task with intelligence and tact.
Laura Jones, formerly senior program manager, Nelson Education

Annick Press has worked with Laura for a number of years.  Laura has been particularly valuable in helping us out with demanding editorial situations.  Her ability to bring a detailed, thorough and knowledgeable hand to our projects has been especially valuable to us.  She is great about deadlines and with her experience and editorial acumen has made important contributions to our editorial program.
Rick Wilks, director, Annick Press Ltd.

“You raised such good issues! I really had to think about how I had presented some of the material.”
Kelly Young, curriculum writer, teacher, JUMP Math


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