Experience: Work Experience and Education

“Experience” covers a lot, so this page covers a lot. (For reasons, see my FAQ page.)

  1. The first half of this web page covers work experience—freelance clients and employers.
  2. The second half of this web page covers education—early education, certificates and memberships, and highlights from speaking engagements, training, professional development, and board memberships.

For more details about any subject, publication, or skill noted in the listings under Work Experience, below, contact me.

Work Experience

Freelance Business Clients

For a wide range of clients, I offer manuscript evaluations, coaching, consulting, research, writing, plain-language writing, developmental editing, structural and stylistic editing, line-editing, copy-editing, proofreading, editing visuals including technical illustrations and maps, project management, strategic planning, proposal development, and project development.

Projects in educational (Kindergarten to continuing professional development) and trade book and magazine publishing, and online communications with a wide range of subjects and for diverse clients have included the following (in alphabetical order):



Certificates and Memberships

Highlights from Speaking Engagements, Training, Professional Development, Board Memberships

Early Education


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