Scheduling Writing and Editing Time

August 12, 2014

Building in procrastination time: Today I’m in-between some stages with different manuscripts so doing some tasks that have been waiting and that I find challenging, nearly painful. So I have turned to my computer, away from my computer, back to my computer, to the bulletin board that needs to be rearranged, to my address book […]

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Advice for Writers: Editors of Earth

June 13, 2014

“What advice would you give writers?” asked one members of the Facebook group Editors’ Association of Earth (EAE). Off the top of my head, here were my responses. Read widely, deeply, and critically other writers. Know what works and what doesn’t in your  type of writing. Examine the questions and be able to explain to […]

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Writer and Editor: 5 Housekeeping Tips

May 21, 2014

Here are 5 tips that matter for 95% of all projects: 1) document type, 2) document and version identification, 3) page numbers, 4) formatting, 5) sources.

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What Issues Editors Address: Part 2: The Forests

February 5, 2014

I liken editing and writing to looking at the forest, trees, and leaves. Here are some issues in the forest category (issues of structure and content).

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What Developmental Editors Bring to Educational Publishing

February 1, 2014

What market-related skills editors—specifically, developmental editors—need to have for educational publishers.

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