Seeing It Published: At Least 3 Things Learned

Over the last month, clients have sent me 4 books I’ve been involved with as writer, editor, researcher, or some combination of these. (Thank you!) Looking at these and at other books, miscellaneous web pages, newsletters, posters, newspapers, and more teaches at least 3 things:

  1. Good editing is invisible in the final product. Only an editor, writer, designer, illustrator, or photographer should be able to guess at the amount of work that goes into a strong publication, the wrong turns, the sweat, and (sometimes) tears.
  2. Good content rules. Strong content (the idea, the organization, the expression) can rise above an average or mediocre design. On the other hand, no amount of design finessing will make weak content strong or “sticky.”
  3. Publications need a team. Rare is the person who writes, edits, designs, and publishes—and does it all well. Work with pros; they are worth it.

Thank you to all the pros on these recent books! It’s been a pleasure.

© Laura Edlund 2010