Editorial Notes: Pass-Along Notes to Ease Publication

OK, my blog Gathering Sources: 7 Tips for Citing Research Sources, Avoiding Plagiarism, and Easing Publication covered off on some key ways that writers, researchers, and editors can avoid troubles with citations and sources. Citing sources and keeping good source notes not only help writers avoid plagiarism; both habits can also ease publication. Another way in which editors can ease publication is to anticipate questions that will crop up further along in the publication process. (For example, someone doing a structural and stylistic edit can pass along notes to those who will copyedit the ms. and those who will fact check.) Editorial notes to pass along don’t have to be long. They do save time (by helping to avoid duplicated efforts) and they are a mark of professional consideration. They can be tucked into a style sheet or appear in a general cover note—whatever seems appropriate. Here are some examples:

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