About Laura Edlund—Writing, Editing & Communication Services

The short story: I write and edit—for readers, for writers, for publishers and other businesses, for government agencies, and for non-profits—from Toronto and around the world, and I have been doing this for over 30 years! I blog sporadically, so please check out my latest offering. I work in the southern office of an Arctic publisher. As well, I am sometimes available on a freelance basis for editing and public speaking about editing.

The long story: Certified for excellence, I bring experience, efficiency, and enthusiasm to editing and writing projects. My specialties are fiction, clear language, plain language, and working with subject experts on informational and educational publications. For over 30 years, I have worked in Toronto and (virtually) around the world for companies, government agencies, individuals, and organizations, including many Canadian publishers. For a quick look at me as a writer, editor, and blogger, see testimonials or my most recent blogs—for example, writing (and editing) for the target reader, tips for starting out working with editors, and tips for hiring freelance editors. I am a member of the Editors’ Association of Canada (EAC), an EAC-Certified Structural and Stylistic Editor (as my Online Directory of Editors entry shows), a member of the Plain Language Association International (PLAIN), and a participant in various writing and editing social media groups.

Recent subjects have ranged from Arctic ecology, Indigenous perspectives and history, and settlers Canadians, to sewing, fashion, and Shakespeare as well as (in fiction) murder, family secrets, aliens, pirates, and science nerds in love. Recent projects have involved:

For your communication needs, contact me. For writing and editing resources and advice, what editing costs and why, and more, please see my blog.

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